1967 Morris Minor Convertible 100% Electric conversion

1967 Morris eMinor 100% Electric Conversion

This 1967 none factory convertible has recently undergone a power plant swap. The original A Series petrol engine and fuel system has been replaced by a Nissan Leaf motor and batteries.

We have kept the originality of the car by not cutting it in anyway and the electric conversion is a bolt in/out system. This new motor is connected to the original 4 speed gearbox (less clutch but this could be added if desired) using a custom billet aluminium adapter and coupler.

The engine bay also contains a DC/DC converter that reduces the High Voltage packs circa 300 volts down to 14 to allow the 12v battery (now located in the boot) to be charged. It also contains a 3kw charger (this can be upgraded to 6) which will charge the 22.5 KWh pack (split in 2 with 6 modules under the bonnet & 12 modules in the boot) of Nissan Leaf battery modules (from a 30kwh leaf).

The new electric drivetrain is good for 80 to 100 miles per charge.

The brakes are original drum brakes which we have found to be adequate as the motors regenerative braking (which puts power back into the batteries) does a proportion of the braking. These drums are backed by a remote servo which now has an electric vacuum pump powering it.

The reused Nissan Leaf radiator keeps the leaf motor and inverter cool as required with the coolant being circulated by a 12v electric water pump.

Inside the car is very much as it was originally with the addition of an upgraded interior, battery meter gauge and a toggle switch to select forward neutral and reverse.

The boot of the car has had the spare wheel removed to make room for the rear High Voltage battery box and 12v auxiliary battery necessitating the height of the boot floor being raised 2 inches. A tyre repair and inflation kit will be added in case of emergency.

With the drive line from the gearbox back being the original standard system the car retains the same driving characteristics and with the overall weight only increasing by 75kg it handles similarly to a none converted car.

Unlike an unconverted vehicle the driving experience is silky smooth and  Very quiet. So quiet indeed that you get to hear the occasional creak and rattle from this 53 year old car.

With this conversion we have purposefully not upgraded any area of the car other than install the electric drivetrain. This was to see how the standard car handled the upgrade. Pleasingly its a fantastic addition to the car making it a truly reliable, smooth and quiet drive.

The vehicle is for sale as it is or it can be upgraded to your requirements. We can also convert any Morris Minor or Classic car to your requirements.

The cost of a conversion like this is around £25000 including all labour and parts.

Contact us to find out more or arrange a test drive.


1967 Morris Minor Pick Up

This outstanding fully rebuilt Morris Minor Pick Up truck has covered just 500 miles since a complete nut and bolt rebuild. Genuine original factory built Pick Up’s are one of the more sought after Minor models and finding top class examples like this is increasingly difficult.

Our example was a long term restoration project that was completed just a few years back. The body was completely restored with steel panels and the vehicle fitted with a very rare correct canvas top with side windows. The pick up has lots of correct features such as commercial wheels, correct pick up bonnet and no coach lines/pin stripe.  On completion of the body restoration the Morris was beautifully painted and the detailed and rebuilt engine re-fitted.

The interior was completely re-trimmed with Newton Commercial trim and the rear area is immaculate and beautifully presented. The underside of the Morris is structurally excellent and straight panels demonstrate a top quality restored example. Mechanically the Pick Up is excellent with a lovely strong engine, smooth gearbox and excellent handling and braking. LFW 201F is a stunning example, ideal for shows, events, regular use but now too good to be the work horse!

1967 Morris Minor Traveller

Almond Green Morris Minor Traveller. Total ground up restoration

New wings fitted front and rear.

Fully treated underneath with Schutz protection, and cavities cavity waxed.

New rear z section was replaced, new inner wings and wing top flanges as well as sill ends and other connected panels.

A new ash frame was fitted with new aluminium infill panels, the wood has been treated with a coat of Rot inhibitor and then 3 coats of Danish oil so in not only looks superb its well protected.

New glass and window runners have been fitted to the frame as well as all new rubbers and reconditioned rear hinges.

Once the frame was fitted the car has had a quality refinish inside and out in almond green, with new chrome all round including bumper blades, hockey sticks and handles.

Powder coated wheels and grille have been fitted as well as new lights, window rubbers etc.

Mechanically the car has had its 1098cc engine reconditioned and its 4-speed ribbed gearbox.

All other mechanical aspects have been checked and replaced such as all the braking system, fuel system, new battery, hand brake cables, wiring loom checked and repaired.

Every aspect of the car has been checked, tested and replaced if not up to standard.

The car has also had the following upgrades fitted so she will be more useable in modern driving conditions:

• Servo braking assistance disk brake conversion

• Alternator

• Electronic ignition

• Larger hs4 carburettor, sports manifold Ally inlet

• Cd / iPod “Retro sound” stereo with Bluetooth

• Telescopic suspension front and rear

• Seatbelts front and rear

• Two speed wiper conversion

Inside the car the interior was stripped out and a full new Newton commercial interior fitted as per the original factory specification of the car.

This included new seat covers, squabs and foam from and rear with the seat frames stripped and painted, new door cards, kick panels, rear panels, boot liner, head liner and insulation.

A photo log of the build comes with the car.