Rapid charging our Nissan Leaf at an instavolt charger

I found myself needing to make an unexpected trip on our 24KW Nissan Leaf the other day. With a range of around 70 miles it copes Great with 90% of our journeys but sometimes we need to add range quickly. That’s exactly what rapid chargers are made for and they are not just at motorway services these days, this one is a couple of miles from our house outside a supermarket and a Greggs (howay, we live in the North East so there is a Greggs on every street😀)

This charger is an instavolt charger which will charge at a maximum of 50kwh As applied to our home charger which despite being a 7kwh charger will only charge our leaf at 3.3kwh as its not fitted with the upgraded 6.6kwh onboard charger. Just as importantly it is a contactless payment charger so no apps or rfid cards needed here!

In the 20 minutes I was plugged in I went from 13 miles range to 54 miles giving me an extra 41 miles range at a cost of £3.56. This isn’t cheap but for the rare occasions we rapid charge it’s ok. I look at it that a gallon of petrol is £5.20 on average and the average mpg of a similar size car to the leaf would be around 40mpg meaning it’s still cheaper and it a whole load better for the environment!